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Oriental, Gourmand, Citrus

OneMore affirms its brazen seduction with a complex and intriguing fragrance pyramid.

Asian pomelo and Sicilian lemon lend themselves as an intriguing trait d’union with the notes animating the heart of our perfume. It is a fascinating chocolate, interpreter with a sublime bitter character, keeping us enthralled in its monologue, while together emerge woody and spiced aromas. Deeply sweet is the sensation elicited by this overtly voluptuous combination, sweet but never cloying, capable of sparking an unspeakable olfactory lust.

Head Notes: Green Lemon, Pomelo, Cardamom
Heart Notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Heliotrope Flowers, Coffee Beans
Base Notes: Cedar Wood, Musky Accords, Vanilla
VOILE CONFIT: a combination that layers gourmand upon gourmand, for a candied cedar effect, covered in velvety pralines
RUBIA SUCRÉE: sensual cocoa enveloping hints of almond and fig
BIHAKU: a combination that plays at daring and contrasting delicious mystical notes
LULLABY: a combination that releases juicy exotic notes and gourmand sweetness
Attention and great sensitivity, tenderness and pleasantness. This perfume's sunny and dark heart nourishes the sweetness of the most dreamy and romantic personalities, who'll feel fully represented in its vibrant, suggestive trail. Definitely fitting for Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus.

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