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Fruity, Floral, Amber

A carefree perfume, sometimes cheeky. As gourmand as frosting, displaying a whole bouquet of bonbon accords.

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A language of color and liveliness for a Bubbly woman, bouncy and energetic, somewhere between ''Lolita'' and ''it girl'', expressing her personality in technicolor. The cheerfulness of the fruity notes perfectly harmonizes with the sweetness of exotic vanillas and tropical coconut pulp. The floral, luminous heart reveals lush flowers, such as Tahitian gardenias and ylang, conjuring sugary, mouthwatering atmospheres. The base contains the penetrating embrace of Davana oil, soft ambers, and plush musk.

Head Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine, Peach, Red Apple, Coconut, Banana
Heart Notes: Lily, Hibiscus, Tahitian Gardenia, Osmanthus, Iris
Base Notes: Synt. Ambergris, Oak Musk, Davana, Vanilla Berries, Cream Notes
ONE MORE: a combination that releases juicy exotic notes and gourmand sweetness
AMBROSINE: use it when you want to add an exotic-tropical touch to a floral, amber embrace
The liveliest tropical notes, sunny and fruity, mix together with refreshing breezes, an invitation to moments of vitality and ecstasy. The sweetness of an exotic melody will delight Libra, Aquarius, and Taurus.

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