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Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum was born as an artistic olfactory laboratory.

After years spent in haute couture, design and luxury, Francesca decides to treasure inspirations and experience gathered to fulfil her dream: translate emotions and language of senses in unique and valuable perfumes, tell and share unforgettable stories with her olfactory creations.

For Francesca, perfume is a highly refined complement; it is the sublimation of a character, the distinguishing feature of her intimate image offered to others.The most valuable and intriguing perfumes become a blend of notes for harmonies always different.

Desires, memories and dreams lose their untouchable nature to acquire liquid consistency and consecrate themselves on skin.



Francesca Dell'Oro

Francesca Dell’Oro was born in Lecco along the elegant sides of Como Lake. Since her childhood she was passionate about aromas and perfumes coming from the gardens surrounding it. After a Degree in Communications at IULM University in Milan, Francesca worked for several firms taking care of graphic and launch of new products in the fashion area. Hereafter, as the owner of a boutique, she dedicated herself to stylistic research and, in particular, to the addition of new fragrances to combine with fashion collections.

In 2011 Francesca, giving voice to her creative impulse and to her continuous passion for perfumery’s world, she decided to launch her personal fragrance line trying to translate in frames of mind her favourite olfactory evocations.

2014 is a very important year: thanks to the introduction of three new fragrances, the brand Francesca Dell’oro defines itself.

In this occasion it is also introduced a new packaging, luxurious and contemporary at the same time. In order to realize her project, Francesca worked with perfumers of international firms, who were able to understand her creative ideas and, giving their experience and quality, were also able to create unique and exclusive fragrances.

Francesca is a very dinamic person, always looking for inspiration.
She is the leader and the coordinator of every creative steps and it’s her priority that her collaborators catch deeply her spirit and the atmosphere that she wants to recreate in her fragrances.

Her training, accomplished thanks to many years of research courses concerning the study of raw materials, is really skilled and up-to-date.

All Francesca Dell’Oro fragrances have always something biographic: a moment, an emotion, a memory and they are all characterized by well-defined accords and by a shiny and floral heart. All jus are “no sex”, there is total freedom in embracing a particular scent, not following genre impositions.

Ambrosine is the fragrance that launched the brand and reflects a dear circumstance of Francesca’s life. It re-invokes a mother caress and the tenderness of familiar gesture.

White Plumage emphasizes held and intimate memories. The name recalls feathers, batting, whiteness and soft things.

The name Lullaby refers to and hypnotic and persuasive lullaby, whispered by e feminine voice. The fragrance re-invokes playful, solar, light and cheerful moments.

The idea for Francine arises from a trip between Corsica and Sardegna. Francine is a nickname a local woman gave Francesca during her adolescence, a young world explorer.

Envoutant talks about a carnal and, as its name suggests, compelling encounter. In fact in this fragrance there is something that catches you attention and destabilize you, as passion.

Fleurdenya recalls the floral explosion you encounter walking through the Columbia Road Flower Market in London, a place that exalts your senses and revitalizes your spirit, very significant for Francesca’s creativity.

Page 29 represents strong contrasts and a dearest memory. This fragrance is connected to a page of a diary, to the secrets inside. Everyone can find in this perfume his or her page, marked to remember a history, an emotion.



Friday 27th October 2017 from 1pm

Francesca Dell'Oro
will present the brand's newest fragrances
at InterCHARM a Moscow
Stand A18






All Francesca Dell'Oro Parfum fragrances are to be "interpreted", elegant, unusual, and able to magnify the connection with one’s inner self.

Perfumes, which with their sharp asperities or amazing sinuosity, are offered almost naked to the wearer, to be first given and intimately taken and then, again, voiced and shared.

As in an endless mirror game, Francesca Dell'Oro’s perfumes lead back to a complex and multifaceted reality, now lighter and more frivolous, now provocative and dense, sometimes accommodating and romantic, sometimes contradictory and irreverent, but always bright and dripping “joie de vivre”.

To give dreams substances, Francesca uses only the best raw materials, the most noble and precious, collected all over the world and blended following the rules of the classic perfumery artistry but also adding a very delicate and personal venture of contemporary and glamor notes.




Like a perfumed hug, an enveloping and precious fragrance that glides over the skin and accompanies in caressing and privileged atmosphere.

A secret and intimate world, feminine and reassuring, hushed by innocent and misty powdery notes of an unspoken and romantic sensuality, to embrace.

This fragrance was born as a sophisticated architecture designed to modulate the colour of confidence and paint delicate flowering corners, reassuring and collected, but reduced brave by woody and spicy prospective.

Warm and soft amber notes are held by a floral and sensual heart in which the jasmine absolute, violet, peony, and damask rose absolute prevail, creating a delicate and precious body. The spicy bottom accents give silky and shiny shades to the fragrance.

Woody notes of patchouli, Atlas cedar wood and guaiac wood complete the scent.


Olfactive notes: orange zest, white flowers, white rose, violet, peony, sandalwood, amber, soft woods, tree moss.

Family: Oriental, Floral, Ambery




An intimate fragrance, a scent full of memories of heart and thoughts that travel within the walls of an evocation dear to memory. Not a neutral place but a peaceful one: white-hot.

White Plumage is the sublime impalpability of a feeling that emerges.

The subtle boundary between the woody notes, white and precious, blends with ancient mystical scent resins creating a bond with one’s sensible Ego.

Voluptuous enveloping opens this perfume with white flower and coffee accords; an embrace that reveals later an unusual rigor of intention, chanted to the rhythm of aloe, juniper and cedar of Virginia notes.

The Mysore sandalwood, white musk and milky notes, enhance the sensuality of the “sillage” with modern traces that, even though conferring sophisticated tones, maintain lightness.

It's an almost nostalgic perfume in which intangible roundness intertwine the transparencies of marble accents.


Olfactive notes: frankincense, juniper, white flowers, coffee beans, aloe wood, milk cream, soft woods, white musk

Family: Oriental, Woody, Musky



An idiom made of vitality and colour dedicated to a Bubble woman, bouncing and sparkling, a bit “Lolita” and a bit "it girl", who expresses her personality in Technicolor.

A carefree and sometimes mischievous fragrance that possesses all the nuances of “bon bon” accords.

The sunniness of fruity tones is harmonized together with the sweetness of the exotic vanillas and the pulp of tropical coconut. The floral and bright heart reveals lush flowers as Tahitian gardenias and ylang evoking sugary and delicious atmospheres.

The base encloses the penetrating enveloping of the davana oil, soft ambers and soft musks.


Olfactive notes: red apple, coconut, hibiscus, tiaré, osmanthus, vanilla berries, orris, oak moss, amber.

Family: Fruity, Floral, Ambery




The luxuriant Mediterranean sounds of classical woodwind that dominate the base of the fragrance.

A little dream framed by the fresh, sharp and free notes of a trip in the countryside; an unexpected quietness that reveals daring and surprising aspects.

Between land and sea, the cool Shyness of an irreverent galbanum mottled by floral and aromatic tones peek out.

Francine is an olfactory "modernist" creation that recalls the uncontaminated nature, sublimated by live and positive Hesperides (citrus) accents as opposed to the roundness of amber and of a rich flowering heart.

The evocative galbanum has the task of magnifying this green lush infusion, giving light and bright shades.

Lentisque, rosemary and jasmine absolutes reveal the carnal and wild nature of the jus, while polite amber tones soften the base of the pyramid merging with traditional wood structured.


Olfactive notes: lemon, sparkling bergamot, galbanum, basil, lentisque, jasmine sambac, precious woods, musk and amber.

Family: Floral, Green, Ambery



The warmth of the eastern floral and fruity notes characterized by great emotional intensity, give growth to a rare and refined fragrance that makes every daily action unforgettable.

Compelling as a thrill through fingers, as a mysterious adventure, as the nature of things.

A sharp edged perfume, with a touch of glamor embedded in the eastern soul, to be looked at "straight in the eye", provided with a strong but soothing image that knows how to whisper the pleasure of excitement.

Sumptuous saffron, coriander and davana open up the top notes with a scratchy and decided momentum. The jewel heart of the perfume encasing a blend of rose, sambac jasmine and osmanthus absolutes.

The sacredness of Oud wood merges with Indonesian patchouli, vetiver from Haiti, precious amber and vanilla Bourbon, giving to the base of the fragrance a mysterious and intense energy.


Olfactive notes: saffron, davana, coriander, osmanthus, orange blossom, rose, Jasmine Sambac, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, Oud wood, amber, Bourbon vanilla, musk.

Family: Oriental, Floral, Woody



A floral explosion. Elegance and sublime conscious with a pale vintage shimmer.

The evocation of an outstanding garden with endless prospects, an instantaneous time travel.

A neo-romantic perfume in whose hearts echoes intoxicating gardenia, tuberose, twilight jasmine and the roundness lavish of ylang ylang. In a single trail the warm notes of musk and Siam benzoin, enclosed in the sweetness of orange blossom and tiaré.

The debut are the notes of Calabrian bergamot, precious rosewood - with its deep character - and the sunny narcissus.

A floral and bright sensuality, built around the key ingredient of the fragrance, the gardenia, a flower that proclaims a modern while retrò sweetness, in an accord with noble allure given by the variegated shades.

Delicate reflections, like from another era, light up the base for a romantic and chic creature. Olfactory preciousness, rich bouquet, pure and precious, that creates a suave symphony.


Olfactive notes: bergamot, rosewood, narcissus, gardenia, jasmine absolute, lys, ylang ylang, tiaré, orange blossom, benzoin, musk.

Family: Rich Floral


  PAGE 29


Like the sheet of a diary, like the page of a book, this perfume contains various suggestions. A perfume that is coloured of time, of shadow and light.

The spiral of the leather backgrounds creating a moiré effect, iridescent and similar to silk brocades, moves its deep notes, full and magnificent.

A floral infusion fascinating and dense.

The opening notes give the fragrance all the generous opulence of the rosewood and the lightness of the Florentine orris enriched by gentle tangerines and Capua’s bergamot.

Floral and transparent bouquets triumph in the heart, embellished by the temper of a soft, sensual and romantic leather.

Tonka bean, absolute of ciste and luxurious vanillas close the fragrance, creating the memory of a scent able to transform the rhythm of olfactory space.


Olfactive notes: tangerine, bergamot, citrus note, rosewood, elemi, orris, vetiver, flower bouquet, leather, labdanum ciste, tonka bean, vanilla of Madagascar, musk.

Family: Oriental, Leather, Floral




In Rubia Sucrée passion meets nature blooming with sweet and intriguing citrus notes.
The curtain rises, revealing marvellous top notes: it wows us with an intricate quadrille of lemon zest, fig leaves, fresh ginger flowers and delicate shades of tangerine.

But beneath an exuberant bark, Rubia Sucrée reveals a sensual heart enhanced by fine almond and jasmine intertwined with rare woods.

This powerful combination of floral textures with sumptuous woods and complex notes of Vanilla reveals perfect harmony, while Tonka Bean shows its deepest, noblest side by warming up a spicy bouquet.

The languishing romance of a fiery sunset, an Andalusian dance with deep, seducing sounds dragging you into a magical oblivion; these are the feelings you embrace as you discover the magic of this precious blend, created as a secret pact, as a whispered promise that transcends into crisp sensuality with sugary, caramel notes evoking the innocent taste of the memory-laden cakes of our past.


Olfactive notes: lemon zest, fig leaves, ginger, tangerine, almond, jasmine absolute, precious woods, tonka beans, vanilla, sandalwood.

Family: Citrus, Gourmand




Voile Confit is all about whispered promises, freshness and vitality building up into a dance of citrus notes, Sicilian lemon, Calabrian bergamot and juicy blood orange.

The sophisticated, noble highlight of sumptuous baroque banquets, candied citrus dominates the new fragrance with a strong yet understated touch.

It spreads over the skin like a deeply sensual veil, blending in with the fresh evocative power of zingy, sunny zest while it creates some engaging magic.

The complex alchemy of Voile Confit is not only found in its top notes; its secret lies in a perfectly round heart, the soft scent of almond blossom, dainty red fruits and sweet heliotrope flowers. A kaleidoscope of flavours meets a skillful blend of precious woods at the bottom.

Finally, innocent hints of Caramel and Vanilla berries are masterfully combined with powerful notes of Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver.

The symphony is completed by an undertone of Balsam Fir, a versatile, aromatic ingredient with sweet notes of caramel that perfectly enhance the strong gourmand spirit of this tempting jus.


Olfactive notes: bergamot, lemon, blood orange, violet leaves, ginger, almond blossom, heliotrope flower, red fruits, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla berries, balsam fir, caramel, musk.

Family: Citrus, Gourmand








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